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Honeymoon Tours

The wedding is for your family and friends, but the honeymoon is just for you. Itís a time to relax and reflect, but most of all enjoy each other. It'll help you to recover from the wedding and give you a few much-needed days alone before real life intrudes. Too often, a honeymoon takes a backseat to all the wedding planning. But shouldnít you give it just a little more attention?

Budget, Budget and Budget
Decide on a budget. Does your wallet allow for a budget trip after wedding expenses or a round-the-world tour, or something in between? Figure out how much you have to spend beforehand, and perhaps count on some wedding-gift money to add to your stake.

Define perfect vacation
Discuss your idea of the perfect vacation. Who likes sports? Who likes sun? Who wants to explore an exotic destination? Make a list of the things that mean the most to you, and compare notes. Marriage is going to call for lots of compromise, and this is the place to start.

Choose destination
Pick your destination. If you're on a budget, keep in mind that many places adjust their rates seasonally. Resort offers different rates for different seasons. Choose and pick your destination based upon time, season and influx of tourists.

Use travel agents
Use a travel agent. It doesn't cost much compare to time and energy you spend yourself, and he or she can make all the arrangements without you having to worry about the honeymoon arrangements. When you make reservations, let the agent know you're honeymooning and shop for all inclusive trips which usually covers food, lodging, activities, drinks, transfers, tips etc.

Protect your privacy. A honeymoon is for the two of you, Period. No friends, no pets, no company. Choose the destination with low tourist.

Respect spouse's wishes
After all, it's a honeymoon for both of you. Be considerate of your spouse's wishes.

Exotic Honeymoon
An exotic destinations offers both adventure and fun with a warm feeling of homely environment. Secluded area, plethora of fun activities, pristine and romantic environment to enjoy time with your beloved and perfect place for romance is what makes exotic destinations different.

Luxury Honeymoon
Luxury honeymoon are for those who want opulence added to their honeymoon. Luxury honeymoon offers tradition of hospitality and fine dining, designed especially for luxury honeymoons that leave newly weds astounded. Some of the amenities offered here are private Jacuzzi, bathrooms with extremely romantic fittings, bathtubs of various styles and designs, everything is taken care of to offer the couples luxury to its saturation point. There are plenty of romantic ideas to make your honeymoon filled with luxury and entertainment so that you cherish these moments throughout your life.

Camping Honeymoon
Firelight and shooting stars every night, breathtaking natural beauty and experience luxury and romance. If one or both of you are inexperienced campers, but you're really interested in a camping honeymoon, ExtendedStay camps are designed to stay comfortable and offers a wide variety of camping experiences.

Inexpensive Honeymoon
Who says an inexpensive honeymoon can't be romantic? Between paying for the wedding and setting up a new household, many couples find thereís not much money left in their budget for the honeymoon. But who says you have to spend a fortune to enjoy a romantic honeymoon at your dream destination? Travel to the off season destinations to enjoy your private moments.

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