Pachmarhi: The Mountain Queen

Places to visit in Pachmarhi

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Day 1

Jata Shankar Jata Shankar is sacred cave under a mass of loose boulders, located deep within a setting of astounding rock faces. These caves display the unique architecture of nature.

Christ Church This church was built in the year 1875 by the British, and is an important remnant of Pachmarhi's colonial occupation days. The architecture of the church is fascinating; it has a hemispherical dome on top with its ribs ending with faces of angels. The stained-glass panes decorating the walls and rear of the altar were imported from Europe.

Bee Fall The Bee Fall is the most accessible of all waterfalls in Pachmarhi. It's a high fall with very strong current. By the time water is midway to the ground it breaks into million stinging drops and gives it the name.

Vaniki Sangrahalaya (Bison Lodge) Bison lodge is situated at 1.5 Kms from Pachmarhi. This place is originally created by Captain J. Forsyth to provide military training and the medical assistance to the troops. The place is converted into museum that contain myriad information about butterflies, animals, herbal plants and medicine found in and around Pachmarhi.

Bal Udyan (Children Park) Where as Pachmarhi has so much to offer to the senior and adult visitors, entertainment needs for small children and junior visitors is also kept in mind. Located at 1 Km. from Pachmarhi toy train, horse and camel rides and rides at Children's Park amuses kids and adults alike.

Noka Vihar (Boating at Pachmarhi Lake) Pachmarhi Lake is situated at 1.5 Kms from Pachmrahi. Visitors can hire boats here and enjoy the boating amidst the wonderful surroundings of Satpura mountains. This place is busy during 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM as visitors proceed to Dhoopgarh to see the sunset after boating at Pachmarhi Lake

Dhoopgarh Dhupgarh, the highest peak in Pachmarhi and is also the highest point in Madhya Pradesh. It commands a magnificent view of the surrounding ranges. You can enjoy astonishing sunset here.

Day 2

Pandav caves Pandav Caves are the famous caves from which Pachmarhi takes its name. These caves are considered to be carved out during the Buddha period and are now protected monuments.

Apsara Vihar Apsara Vihar, once regarded as the royal bathing pool for queens, is now an ideal picnic spot for families. The pool is shallow, deepening only towards the base of the fall which cascades gently into its waters.

Rajat Prapat Rajat Pratap, a 10-minute walk over rocks and boulders from Apsara Vihar. It's a tall water fall whose stream shines silver in the sun and hence the name Rajat Prapat.

Chouragarh Chauragarh is one of Satpura's prominent landmarks, the summit crowned with emblems of Mahadeo worship, from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire Satpura range.

HandiKhoh Walk along a gravel path from Priyadarshini led to another viewpoint called Handi Khoh. It is a gorge, straight fall of approx 600 ft.

Priyadrashini Priyadarshini (Forsyth Point) is vantage viewing point marks the place from where Pachmarhi was discovered by Captain Forsyth in 1857.

Mahadev Mahadeo cave is 30 meter long and water is always seeping inside the cave. The source of this water has been traced to a waterfall.

Gupt Mahadev Walking distance from the Bada Mahadev is another temple called the Gupt Mahadev which again is inside a cave. The cave is wide enough to allow one person to walk in and the main chamber can hold not more than five people at a time.

Rajendra Giri Rajendra Giri is a high spot from where you can have panoramic views of Pachmarhi. The place is called so because Dr Rajendra Prasad liked Pachmarhi so much that he was the frequent visitor in Pachmarhi.

Day 3

Duchess Fall Dutchess Fall is one of the most interesting treks down steep hills where after arduous 1.5 kms. journey you will see a perennial fall with deluge of water.

Reechgarh Reechgarh is the cave located in deep jungle. It is a very unique rock formation in the shape of a small amphitheatre with an entrance, an exit, a central podium and green room caves.

Day 4

Amba Mai Amba Mai is situated at 2 Kms at Pachmarhi Pipariya route. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga and regarded as one of the oldest tample in Pachmarhi.

Manju Shree About 8 Kms from Pachmarhi, Manju Shree is famous for a water fall. Verity of herbs and medicinal plants are found near the waterfall.

Rock paintings Rock paintings at Pachmarhi are some of the well preserved and oldest rock paintings in the world.

Phansi Khaad Phansi Khaad is located at 12 Kms from Pachmarhi. During the British Raj, this spot was used to hang the revolutionaries.

Day 5

Satpura National Park Satpura National Park adds an extras edge to the already picturesque locations in Pachmarhi. The park was established in the year 1981 and covers an area of 524 sq. km. The park is rich with a wide variety of flora and fauna. The forest area is full evergreen Sal trees, teak and bamboo trees. The wildlife of the park has animals like Tigers, Leopards, Bisons, blue bull and many more. Also find a large variety of birds, both migratory and resident, flocking in the park.